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There are those that argue that women care more about their foot ware than most men do. But these days mens shoes are becoming the center point of men’s fashion because foot ware is an important part of a man’s attire. Each man chooses his shoe wear for different reasons but most men consider comfort and style important buying factors.

People pay more attention to foot attire than they care to admit. Many will notice a new pair of heels and soles before they notice a new tie or a new hair cut although it is not known why we all tend to look down at a person’s feet. All we know is that we can spot a new pair of heels automatically and we are quick to mention one’s new foot attire.

Some men will not leave their house without a polished shine on their shoe whereas some men do not even own a shoe shine kit. But the reality is that if a man wants to make a good impression he should keep his shoe wear polished at all times. A pair of shoe covers that are polished show that the person cares about his appearance and is worthy of respect.

Select basic colors of dress shoe such as black, brown, and burgundy to match one’s business attire. The black shoe can be worn with dark suits whereas the brown shoe goes with lighter colored suits. Burgundy is a neutral color and can be worn with light and dark suits. Remember that the belt should match the color of the shoe.

One’s wardrobe should have more than two or three pairs so that the foot gear will last longer. It is believed that alternating foot gear will add life to the heels and soles. For instance a pair will last longer if worn every third day rather than every day which will help stretch one’s wardrobe budget.

Take steps to help preserve the shoe leather and the foot gear will last longer. Use a leather cleaner to keep the leather clean from dirt which breaks down the stitching and outside finish. Place shoe tress to keep the leather from collapsing and cracking when not in use.

Some men prefer the shoe that has no lace because it slips on and off easily. This is the perfect shoe for people who visit homeowners who ask visitors to take their foot covers off before entering their home. Some people ask visitors to remove their shoes before coming in because of cultural reasons or because they have just put in a new carpet.

Mens shoes do not always get as much attention as do women’s but men are catching up as far as foot wear collections are concerned. People notice new foot ware before they notice a new hair cut or a new tie because for some reason people are fixated on foot ware and will also notice a shined shoe and a shoe that is dirty and scuffed. Burgundy is a universal color because it goes with any color suit. Alternating foot ware will make the heals and soles last longer and will stretch one’s apparel budget. Shoe trees keep the leather from cracking and will extend the life of the shoe leather.

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